Goodtime Quilters Quilt Show

Join us for the 29th Annual Goodtime Quilters Quilt Show, a celebration of creativity and craftsmanship in quilting. Explore a stunning display of over 150 quilts showcasing the artistry and skill of our talented quilters.

Event Highlights:

  • Quilt Displays: Admire a diverse array of quilts, each telling its own unique story through intricate patterns and vibrant colors.
  • Vendors: Discover a variety of vendors offering quilting supplies, fabrics, and handmade goods.
  • Demos: Learn new techniques and gain insights from live demonstrations by experienced quilters.
  • Raffles: Participate in exciting raffles for a chance to win quilting-related prizes.
  • Free Parking: Enjoy hassle-free parking at the venue.
  • Admission: Cash-only admission is $8 per day or $12 for a three-day pass, providing ample time to explore everything our show has to offer.

Location: Ohio Christian University Maxwell Center

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich tradition of quilting and support our vibrant quilting community. Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or simply appreciate the beauty of handmade crafts, the Goodtime Quilters Quilt Show promises something special for everyone.

Mark your calendar and join us for a memorable weekend celebrating the artistry of quilting!