Ballard Park

Ballard Park is mostly open play fields except for a good riparian strip along Deer Creek. Shelter house. Close to Metzger Preserve.

Williamsport Community Square Park

Consists of the Shelter House, the Williamsport Gym, the playground and the park area. There is a large grill available by the Shelter House and there is a wheelchair swing in the playground area.

Darbyville Park

Darbyville park offers a means to take a break for a while and enjoy. Come and admire the greenery, sunbathe, listen to music, have a picnic, meet people, smell flowers or participate in celebrations in your free time.

Metzger Preserve

This site preserves and protects unique geological features called concretions that can be found in Deer Creek along the edge of the Metzger Preserve property. There is a wooded trail along Deer Creek and access to the creek for fishing and canoe/kayaking.